Johnny Loco Raincover Deluxe 2.0

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Protect your precious cargo against almost all weather conditions and still offer full vision for the little ones with the new Rain Cover Deluxe 2.0. The Rain Cover Deluxe 2.0 for your Johnny Loco (E-)Cargo Cruiser is a completely new designed rain cover. Built from a from lightweight frame and water resistant cloth to ensure the Rain Cover Deluxe 2.0 gives the comfort and protection you desire. No tools needed!

After installation, you can open and close the cover by using the zippers on all four sides, to open and roll up the windows. Enhance your (E-)Cargo Cruiser with this luxury product and take your precious cargo with you wherever you go.

• New, tool-free Dutch design
• Ideal protection against wind and rain
• Keeps your precious property dry
• Material: UV-resistent nylon with coating + transparant windows
• Color: Black & transparant
• Including tube frame, fastening straps and elastic straps
• Fits on all Cargo Cruisers & E-Cargo Cruisers